And so it begins…

This project is about resurrecting and old race car but to get the project happening and to build the community that will make it happen, I needed a website!

I play with cars, not with websites (as some looking at this one might appreciate), so I have spent the last couple of weeks teaching myself WordPress into the early hours of the morning.

This is actually the second WordPress theme I have used because the other one looked even worse 🙂

BUT as this is all about communication maybe we can look past the aesthetics and check out the message.

At this stage the website is mostly finished and mostly working (just a few more late nights/early mornings to go) but at least I don’t end up going to bed with grease-stained hands and missing skin off my knuckles – and a sore back – after a night in the garage.

That is the next stage.

But hey, I am a car guy. I like the smell of degreaser in the morning.

Hopefully this blog will soon be all about car stuff – and later, competition results and the other track talk that makes this pastime so much fun… and so good for my mental well being.

Check back, soon.

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